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Welcome to Our Stormwater Page

Welcome to the City of Cold Spring Stormwater Management Program section of our City website. The City has recently taken over the stormwater management program from SD1 as well as the billing for stormwater services. With this change in stormwater responsibility, the City has accepted many responsibilities including developing a stormwater quality management plan known as a SWQMP that is required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and administered and enforced by the Commonwealth of Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, Department for Environmental Protection, Division of Water (KDOW). There are major fines for noncompliance and not meeting and addressing the SWQMP. Consequently, Our Elected Officials have committed to keeping the Cold Spring citizenry apprised of many of the stormwater management activities performed by City that is recommend by KDOW for water quality compliance with this new stormwater section of the website.

What is Stormwater and Why Should You Care?

Stormwater is rainwater that originates from precipitation events that run off roofs, driveways, parking lots and streets into our storm drainage system. What most people do not realize is that when rainwater drops the sky and reaches the ground, some of the rain water penetrated into the grass and soil but much of the rainwater drains from our yards and flows into the streets and ends up in our creeks and streams and the stormwater collects chemicals and pollutants that can contaminate our waterways. This is the main purpose of many communities throughout the United States that are required to develop and implement the stormwater quality plan (SWQMP).

Stormwater Hotline

Call the City of Cold Spring Stormwater Hotline at 859-441-6863 to report a stormwater issue.

Developer Information and Requirements

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Stormwater Fee Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Stormwater Credits

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