Vacation Check Request

    Use the form below to request the Cold Spring Police Department to regularly check on your home while you are away (on business, vacation, etc.).



    Complaint Form

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      Officer Commendations/Comments

        Officer Commendations/Comments Form

        Please use the form below for Officer Commendations or Comments.

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        Temporary Sign Permit – $5 Fee
        Request for Memorial Plaque
        Board/Voluneer Application

        For Printable Forms only:  Please print and return to The City Building, 5694 East Alexandria Pike Cold Spring, KY 41076 | Fax 859-441-4640 or email to [email protected]

        Meetings & Events

        February 8
        – Planning & Zoning - canceled

        February 13
        – Caucus @ 7:30pm

        February 27
        – Council 7:30pm


        Mail Applications To:

        Mayor D. Angelo Penque
        City of Cold Spring
        5694 East Alexandria Pike
        Cold Spring, KY 41076

        Download Employment Application


        City Building                859.441.9604
        Police Department     859.441.6289
        Stormwater Hotline    859.441.6863