Contact Information

City of Cold Spring
Administration Building
5694 East Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, KY 41076

Ph: 859.441.9604
Fx: 859.441.4640


Ph: 859.441.6289
Fx: 859.441.6806

Stormwater Hotline


Resident Information

Police Department

Our police officers continue to make our City one of the safest places to live in the greater Cincinnati area. The majority of crimes of a serious nature committed over the past year have been closed, including the most recent where the subject’s vehicle was confiscated. Don’t forget, we do home and business checks. If you plan to be away from home, please stop one of the officers or call the Police Secretary at the Police Department’s non-emergency number 441-6289. For emergency calls DIAL 911.


Water and Sewer Utility Services

Stormwater Utility

City Clerk’s Office

Refuse Collection

Property Taxes


Parking of privately owned motor vehicles “for sale” is prohibited within the City, unless the vehicle is parked on the vehicle owner’s rented or owned property. Vehicles may be advertised for sale across the street from a resident’s home if parking is prohibited in front of the residence. Vehicles may also be parked at the owner’s place of work only during the hours that they are working. All other locations, such as businesses or church lots are subject to fines.

The City continually tries to enforce “no parking in fire lane” laws. Besides being a potential hazard in an emergency (Fire or Police), it is a greater hazard to traffic and pedestrians who must maneuver around these vehicles.

Building Permits

Building Permits are required for room additions, decks, fences or any other construction on your property. Campbell County Planning and Zoning handles all building permits and requests for the city. Please plan ahead, since review of a permit takes a minimum of two weeks. You can contact Campbell County Planning and Zoning at 859-292-3880.


Dogs must be kept contained within the owner’s property, or while off the property be secured by means of a collar or harness with a chain or leash and held by the owner or keeper. The City has a “pooper scooper” law, and any pet owner is required to remove and clean up the animal’s excrement from public or private property.