The best and fastest way to get assistance from your police department is to call either 911 for an emergency or 859-292-3622 for a non-emergency. If you simply have a question or wish to speak to some at our department then please call 859-441-6289.

School is back in full swing and with this comes school buses loading and unloading along with school zones with reduced speed limits. Please be aware of your speed when driving within an active school zone. Also follow the state mandated rules when it comes to stopping for a school bus that is picking up or dropping off children. If you have any questions in regard to the rules for either of these, please contact our office.

In today’s environment we can all be pressed for time in one way or another. We can also be distracted from being safe drivers in many ways. Texting, speeding and disregarding traffic lights are not ways to regain lost time, but they can all be reasons for losing even more time by being involved in a traffic collision or being stopped by an officer. Please drive safely and be aware of your surroundings.

Phone scams continue to be an issue in this community. Do not allow yourself to be a victim by giving out important information that can be used to steal your identity or finances. Never mail cash, gift cards or checks to an unknown source. Remember that you cannot win a sweepstakes or a lottery that you have not entered, and the Social Security Department will not call you to seek payment.

Our two newest officers, Jared Dornheggen and Brian Coleman, have finished up their field training and are now on the road as independent patrol officers.

Again, please contact us if you need us. We are here for you.