As vacation season arrives please remember to notify our office and we will gladly keep watch over your residence while you are away.

Please be aware of the ongoing surge in scams that have been circulating.  These individuals will attempt to gain your Social Security number, bank account number and credit card number through a variety of means.  They will also attempt to get you to pay with gift cards or other means that cannot be traced or refunded.  Do not hesitate to contact our department with any questions about possible scams.

You will be seeing some new faces on our department.  Officer Jared Dornheggen will be graduating from the Police Academy in April and will begin his Field Training Program.  Officer Aaron Adams joins us after serving with the Pendleton County Sheriff’s office for the past four years.

Our weather will be breaking soon, with that will come school breaks as well.  Please be aware of your surroundings and do not allow yourself to be a distracted driver.  Pay attention to traffic laws and watch for children who will be out and about.

As always, I will remind everyone to please contact us if you need us.  If it is an emergency use 911, but if it is not you can call the non-emergency number at the dispatch center, 859-292-3622.  If you wish to speak with me or any member of the department, the number is 859-441-6289.