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Stormwater Advisory Committee

The purpose of the City of Cold Spring Storm Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) is a committee comprised of a cross section of the citizenry with the responsibility to review, discuss and provide input regarding the City of Cold Spring MS4 Storm Water Quality Program. The SWAC members will be responsible for informing, educating and soliciting input from the constituency they represent regarding the storm water program policies and procedures especially the most appropriate method for educating the citizenry regarding the MS4 water quality program.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of the Mayor, city council representatives, the law director, and the consultant team is a committee that develops draft documents, draft policies, draft procedures, draft regulations and draft program recommendations for SWAC committee to review and input prior to becoming law if applicable.

The SWAC shall meet 2 times per year to be educated on the MS4 storm water quality program. A SWAC committee is a Minimum Control; Measure (MCM) 2 Public Education and Outreach requirement that was identifies as part of the City SWQMP (plan). The purpose of the SWAC is to understand and discuss the TAC developed documents, draft policies, procedures, regulations and recommendations and provide input a representative from the city of cold spring citizenry. A Notice shall be emailed to all members by the City Staff or consulting team at least one (1) week in advance of all meetings. Notice shall include the meeting agenda and any meeting materials that may be considered or acted upon, whether or not set forth in the agenda. Notice of all meetings shall be posted on the City web site at least 24 hours prior to the meeting date and time as notice to the public and media.