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Developer Information and Requirements

Planning and Zoning Regulations

County Requirements

Zoning – License – Fee Information

Any construction which is not replacement, requires a building permit before the work is begun. Applications are available thru the Campbell County Planning and Zoning office, (859) 292-3880. Please allow ten to twelve working days for issuance of permit.

Three sets of plans or blueprints are needed with the building permit application.

The contractor must have his insurance company provide the city with proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance. If the work is being done by an individual they must complete an affidavit of exemption from the Kentucky Worker’s Compensation Act form which is also available at Campbell County Planning and Zoning.

The cost of the building permit, which is due at the time of submitted, is determined by a schedule of fees.

Any contractors doing work in the city are required to purchase an occupational license for the City of Cold Spring through the Campbell County Occupational License Department, (859) 292-3884.

City of Cold Spring Stormwater Requirements

Please note: The City of Cold Spring stormwater requirements are in addition to the Campbell County requirements above.

The City of Cold Spring is responsible for stormwater management within city limits. The city’s stormwater management program has the following five components:

For each new development or redevelopment, a plan for Construction Erosion and Sediment Contol, Post Construction Runoff Control and Stormwater Management must be developed. This requires property owners, developers, contractors and their engineers to develop concept plans, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and detailed stormwater drainage management plans that will protect waters of the state and prevent water pollution and flooding.

The following information is being provided to owners, developers, contractors and their engineers for guidance on review and inspection fees as well as the process for Stormwater Management in the City of Cold Spring. Each new development or redevelopment (for Stage I and Stage II) must have a Certification / Application, a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and payment of the review and inspection fee. Fees can be paid by mail or in person at the Administration Building. Click on each of the document names below to download a copy in pdf or Word™ format.