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What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is water that runs off roofs, driveways, and streets into our storm drains. What most people do not realize is that in the journey from the sky to streets to streams, stormwater picks up chemicals and pollutants that can contaminate our waterways. The water that flows down our storm drains does not get treated and flows directly into our waterways.


Why Should We Care About Stormwater?

  • Less than 1% of the water on the earth is fresh water available to humans.
  • Stormwater pollution is the #1 cause of water pollution.
  • Storm drains do not remove pollution and do not take water to a treatment plant.
  • Anything that goes in storm drains goes directly into a lake, river or stream.
  • It’s illegal to dump wastewater or soapy water, cleaning products, grease or oil into streets or storm drains.


What Can You Do To Help?

  • Get your car checked regularly for oil, gas or antifreeze leaks. Never dispose of these items in the driveway, street or storm drain.
  • Dispose of paint according to the label and take it to the nearest landfill.
  • Pick up after your pet and dispose of their waste in the trash can or toilet.
  • Compost your yard trimmings or take them the nearest landfill.
  • Use pesticides and fertilizers according to the label and do not overuse. Alternative methods are easy to use, work well and are inexpensive.
  • Take your car to a carwash, wash it on grass or in an area that drains into the grass.
  • Pick up your trash. Reduce, reuse, recycle when possible.
    Install rain barrels to capture rain water for yard watering uses.
  • Build rain gardens to filter out pollutants in stormwater.
  • You can anonymously report water pollution, flooding or dumping by calling the Stormwater Hotiine at 859-441-9604.



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