We continue to receive reports regarding phone and e-mail scams. No legitimate organization will request a non-traceable payment such as gift-cards, Western Union or even cash.

The simple act of locking your vehicle and your home can deter individuals from turning you into a victim of a crime. Usually these suspects attempt to take the path of least resistance, you can make that path more difficult by being sure to lock your vehicle and homes.

Come to the Police Department if you need to discard of prescriptions. We DO NOT accept vitamins, syringes, or liquids.

As always, I will remind you to please contact us if you need us. If it is an emergency use 911, but if it is not you can call the non-emergency number at the dispatch center, 859-292-3622. If you wish to speak with me or any member of the department, the number is 859-441-6289.