If you receive a notice in the mail “Annual Fund Drive Voluntary Reply Form”, please know that this is NOT from our department and we do not endorse them. We do not recommend sending them money. Thank you to the resident that brought this to our attention.

As our weather breaks so will our schools, please be aware of the children as they will be out and about.  Pay attention to your speeds and do not allow yourself to be a distracted driver.

We will gladly keep an eye on your residence as the upcoming vacation season arrives.  Contact our office before your departure and we will get all of the appropriate information to watch over your property while you are gone.

Finally, I will remind everyone, if you need the Police please call us.  If it is an emergency use 911, but if it is not you can reach the dispatch center at 292-3622.  If you have any other questions or wish to speak to anyone at the department please call us at 441-6289.